When our esteem depends on others.

Sometimes our self-esteem depends on others. So what we generally do is find fault with others so we can feel good about ourselves.

It can be talents, looks, abilities, intelligence, body size, it doesn’t matter. We find fault with others so we will look better by comparison. But this is not what God wants.

God wants us to feel so secure IN Him and so loved BY Him, that we can give others all the accolades they deserve without taking away anything from ourselves.

Maybe you aren’t guilty of this.

Good for you.

But sometimes, I am.

So what’s the solution?

How do we get from here to there?

I think the answer is easy but accepting it is hard.

The answer is we have to BELIEVE that we are truly loved as we are, with all the insides warts and disfigurements. We have to believe that when we are at our worst is when God loves us the best.

Think about that for a minute.

When do you need God’s love the most, to feel it deep within, to have it surround you, to lift your spirits……? Let’s face it we need His love the most when we deserve it the least.

Let me repeat:

We need God’s love the most when we deserve it the least. And the crazy part? God doesn” know the difference. He doesn’t see us as deserving more of His love at one moment and less at another. That’s because we view love through the prism of our own heart. We know how difficult it is for us to love someone who is hard-to-love and we transfer that thinking to God.

Think about a child who has an out-of-control temper tantrum. What works best?

Almost always, holding them close works. And why is that?

It’s simple. They feel someone loves them. And almost all of us, adults and children alike, respond the same way when we know we are loved.

The child with the temper tantrum will probably need some behavior adjustment later. We might as well. But we’ll both respond better to the consequences if we know we are loved.

So if this is one of those days for you when you feel just kind of “not-all-that”, remember God wants to love on you more than ever.

Accept the fact that you ARE loved, no matter what.

God bless and have a wonderful day.

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