funny, Ha, Ha



I’m posting this tongue-in-cheek. This morning I hobbled to the bathroom because my left foot is in a “soft” cast as I’m trying to avoid major, major, nine–recovery- surgery. I lifted my  left “braced” arm  due to a pulled tendon, to open a door to my medicine cabinet.

Here’s the funny, ha, ha part. The door came off the hinge and the next thing I knew it hit me right above my left eye. Blood is dripping down my cheek and I couldn’t help but laugh. How could I not? I look like the “walking wounded”.

They say there are no accident’s but I can’t think of what I could have done to cause that door to attack me. Hmm. come to think of it, I DO hate my medicine cabinet.  But still………

So that’s my funny, ha, ha, story. You just have to have a sense of humor about some things. 🙂