Alphabet of thanks, “H”

This is so-o-o-o easy.

It’s the holiday season and Hallmark has already started showing Christmas movies. Right now, I”m catch up on the ones I didn’t see last year. It’s a goal to get through all of these before the new ones come on.

I told my husband the other day, “I wish life were like a Hallmark Christmas movie.”

You know what I mean.

The snow falls just when it should. Santa shows up just when he should. Everyone smiles. The cookies are perfect.

There is always a happy ending. Prince Charming and Cindrella always end up together. There is no premarital sex. There is no violence. There is no foul language.

Yes, everything is a little too predictable. And that’s exactly why I like them.

With all the unpredictable events in the world, how nice to have something predictable. Don’t you agree?

I’m tired of getting up every morning and worried what might have happened in the world overnight.

I like the starry, snowflaked nights. I like the innocent. I like the sweetness. I like the storybook endings. And the happily ever after.

I think I’ll pretend I’m in a Hallmark Christmas movie all of December. I’ll greet everyone I meet if they’re in my movie as well. I’ll bake cookies that turn out perfectly. I’ll decorate my house beautifully. I’ll find just the right presents and wrap them beautifully.


I’ll drink Folgers coffee. (It shows up in all Hallmark movies.)

Why don’t you pretend you’re in a Hallmark movie this holiday season?

God bless and have a good day.