Craft ideas from some great stores

I went to some great stores in Plymouth, MI, and Northville, MI last weekend. I find some of my best ideas at these beautiful stores. Things you just don’t see in big box stores.

I almost always buy a little something. And I take some pictures as well. The owners don’t seem to mind at all. After all, it’s free advertising.

Anyway, maybe some of these ideas will inspire you. This first one would be so easy to make. And if you’re like me and have a cat, it’s probably the only tree you CAN have!



These next few are truly adorable. Find some old cards, buy some cheap cardboard boxes at the Dollar Tree, some tiny trees, etc. and you’re all set.





Christmas craft 2017
This one is an open frame, some twigs glued in between, and then a little snowman and some artificial snow. Easy peasy.
Christmas craft, 2017
I’ve actually made something similar this year. Might not be able to post it as might spoil the surprise. I’ll see what I can come up with. Anyway, just make an open box and then add slats across and decorate.For my project, I used a 1 X 6 and cut it into squares.


Christmas craft 2017
This one is hard to see but it’s the same principle as the others above.


Anyway, hope you got some ideas.