Don’t quit praying when you get discouraged

Sometimes God interjects Himself in such unexpected ways, you almost lose your breath. It’s like you’ve been caught in a swirling wind that spins you around and when it leaves, you ask yourself, “What just happened?”

At other times, it’s like a whisper of a breeze that tickles your face and you don’t even realize it was God until a little later.

I’ve had three such “visits” from God this week. I’m still reeling. I had pretty much given up hope about a couple of people and situations. I wondered if I could maintain my zeal praying for them. I was getting “prayer fatigue”. But now I have a renewed energy to pick up the gauntlet and keep running with it.

It was like God was saying, “I’ve been listening right along”.

Of course, I knew in my head that He was but I didn’t have that heart assurance I needed. This is not unusual for God to let me go a long time without any concrete evidence that He is working in even a small way.

Hopefully, that means our trust is two-sided. I trust Him to break through when He deems it necessary and He trusts me to carry on until He does.

Don’t give up today on the people and circumstances in your life that weighed you down. God is always listening even if He doesn’t always let us know  in any direct way.

I am basking in the love I’ve felt from Him this week. The reassurances. The spark. The, “You hang in there, Rebecca. Don’t give up.”

Look for the ways God steps into the flow of your life. I think He speaks through circumstances and people but we don’t hear Him because we haven’t learned to recognize His voice.

If that’s you, keep praying, keep studying God’s word and soon you will recognize His voice. God wants to speak to each of us.

I pray you hear Him often today.

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