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Need your help. A couple of questions for you.

I need your help. I also apologize for the two posts today.

But I have some questions for you and I hope you will give me your input. If, for some reason, you don’t want to be public with your remarks, you can e-mail me at

Here’s my thinking. When I wrote my first book, “Depression Has a Big Voice. Make Yours Bigger!, it was never to make a name for myself or to make money. In fact, I have approached more libraries than I have book stores because I want my book to be widely available and I am not happy with the price on Amazon. Going through the publisher I did, I had no choice. I didn’t know I would have no choice in the pricing. Consequently, the book that was published is shorter than the original as I was trying to keep the price down.

Ten of you have or will receive a book stub for a free e-book. But I want to do more than that. So I am thinking of doing some podcasts (which I have never done) and reading one chapter for you at a time in addition to posting it.

My questions

So my questions are this:

  1. Are you interested in a podcast?
  2. How should they be scheduled? If I only do one chapter a week, it will be years before you get it all.
  3. If I choose to publish a chapter at a time, again, what schedule to you suggest?

I’m hesitant to offer the whole book free because while I don’t care about the money, I do care about reviews because good reviews mean more people will probably read it. If I offer the whole book for free, readers may not leave reviews even though they can whether they purchase it or not.

Thank you for your help and God bless.