My word for the year. Choices

I’m late with my word for the year, choices, but only because I had to be sure.

Are you dying to know what it is?


I was debating between the word “choose” or the word “choices”. One is a verb and one is a noun. I guess I could choose one or the other depending on the occasion. (Get what I just did?) My word for last year was “focus”. It was the perfect word. I could never have written a book without focus. And I learned a lot from that word.

I learned that focus doesn’t have to mean I shut out anyone or anything else. But it did come to mean that I also learned to be in the moment and focus on whatever I was doing. To give it my full attention. Last Saturday, I decided to read a fiction book during the day. Very unusual for me. But I consciously made the choice to do so. Am I a bit behind today because of it? Yes. But I chose to read. I needed time to not constantly be thinking about blogging or my book.

So “choices” is a great follow-up word for me for 2022. It helped me feel OK about reading because I knew it was my choice. It wasn’t necessarily right or wrong. It was just a choice.

Why did I choose it? (great play on words, huh?)

I think so many of us don’t realize we are always making choices, whether we know it or not.

When we’re aware we are always making choices about everything we think or do, we make much better decisions. We take more responsibility for our actions if we understand we’re the ones calling the shots. It’s not circumstances, it’s not other people; it’s us. We’re the ones in the driver’s seat.

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Scripture says a lot about choices

Throughout scripture, we are given choices. God never twists our arms. He is the one who gave us the ability to choose because He wanted us to choose Him. That means we have that ability in all other areas of our lives.

Try to practice awareness of this concept. It takes some time and it’s impossible to do it all the time, but we gain a lot of insight into ourselves when we realize we are always choosing, including our reactions as well.

Yes, at times, it seems circumstances and other people are making choices for us and in some situations, that is certainly true. But we can always choose our reactions to these circumstances and people. That’s why some people in captive situations survive and others don’t.

The more we’re aware were making choices, the better choices we make.

God bless and have a good day.

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