the week-in-review and when will the world know peace?

I don’t even want to do a week in review because it seems so trivial based on what happened in France and what is currently happening in Turkey.

So I will quickly re-cap:

Monday, I wrote about what a relaxing weekend I had and how it was so needed.

nesting tables

Tuesday, I posted about an interesting conversation with a young man at Walmart.

Wednesday I shared how God’s creation is amazing, especially beneath the sea and in the desert, the Ying and Yang of the universe.

sea creatures 1

Friday, I finally told you about the doctors visit I mentioned last week.

poor bedside manners

But for some reason, none of the above seems to matter right now.

I know I speak what millions of people around the world are thinking: “When will this violence end?”

I even wrote a post not too long ago suggesting that peace begins with each of us. I feel now that was naive and I’m usually never naive.

Here’s what I think is the truth: Evil exists. It always has, especially in the Middle East. Period.

There are people with evil in their hearts. They are so ideological in their thinking that no one is going to change their mind. Extremists of any religion have no room in their heart for a different view. So what’s the answer?

Just like everyone else, I don’t know. I hear all the rhetoric and I get so confused.

Carpet bombing? That sounds so extreme.

Negotiating with them? They’re not interested.

Providing jobs, raising their standard of living? Again, I don’t think they’re interested.

Negotiate with them. All I say to that is, “Really?” These are not the kind of people who will negotiate.

I only know one thing for sure. It’s time we quit being “politically correct”. It’s time we call evil for what it is. Whether it’s the extremists from Westboro Baptist church, or Muslim extremists, let’s start calling them what they are, evil people who have an agenda of hate. And it’s not just them. The recent killings in Louisiana and Texas show that hate knows no boundaries.

Let’s not become like those that spew hate and violence but let’s be sure to speak out against them.

Let’s make it known to the world that the United States is a nation of peace and enough is enough. Everyone I’ve talked to these past few days has said the same thing. “What’s going on? When is this going to stop?”

But words aren’t enough, not with this kind of evil.

So, I’m just one person. What can I do? What can you do?

Here’s what I’ve decided for myself only but I share it with you for your consideration.

  • I refuse to become a hateful person. Oh, I’ll use words like “evil”, “wrong”, “horrible” etc. in reference to acts of violence but not in anger or in reference to any one person.
  • I will pray for guidance for our nation’s leaders AND that Christians everywhere will “humble themselves and pray”.
  • I WILL trust that God will listen to the prayers of his people.
  • I will not give in to fear. Oh, I may feel it but I refuse to let it linger or take over.
  • While I will watch my word usage, I will not call evil by any other name than “evil”, because that’s what it is.

As you know, I always end my posts with “God bless and I hope you have a good day.” I never write that lightly but I’ve never written it with such fervency as I write today. How I pray you are truly blessed and that not harm comes your way.

grasses blowing in wind