Isn’t it great when everything synchronizes?

I love it when God shows up in such unexpected and encouraging ways.

If you read Wednesday’s post, you know how I’m excited I am to be able to add some e-books to my blog. It’s been in the process for a while now and I even have the use of a professional editor (My daughter, how convenient is that?)

There is a whole new “writing” world open to me now. I had been contemplating writing a Bible study and I had been debating between the book of Philippians and the book of James.

Because the book of James is so practical (though disorganized somewhat), I decided to pick that book for my first foray. And wouldn’t you know it, our pastor is preaching on the same book. I haven’t heard all the sermons and mostly, they’ve been affirmations rather than new insights. But that’s even better.

The one area that has been missing in most commentaries, in my humble opinion, is the effect of our words on ourselves, which is as powerful as it is on anyone else. So, I am excited that I will be including that in the Bible study.

“When will it be ready”, you ask?

Probably not for months now. After all, this is a big job. I want it to be my best effort. Writing a Bible study is the next best thing to attending a seminary which I would dearly love to do.

I have found throughout my life that if I “keep-on-keeping-on” while seeking God’s direction consistently, things fall in to place and suddenly what seemed obscure and impossible becomes clear and doable. And what I had only dreamed about finally comes true.

I hope all your dreams come true.

I hope you don’t give up.

I hope you experience all that God has for you.

God bless you.

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