Why a day of laughter and blunders makes me feel good.

I hope you can watch this today. This sweet woman has such a calming demeanor, something we all need.

And now to my day.

This new lifestyle is getting harder all the time. I would’ve posted this earlier but my blog wasn’t working properly. I’ve been working with the help desk for over an hour. My paragraph link wasn’t showing up.

Guess what? I had accidentally turned it off. So, heads up, check your settings if some of your writing links aren’t showing up. If it’s unchecked, it won’t show up on your screen. Duh!

So how foolish do I feel?

It’s been one of those days. After my husband and I went for our walk, I was sitting at the table having my devotions when I sneezed. No problem, I can tell it’s just a sneeze. So I laid the tissue on the table. Oops. Now I have to clean the table.

This is such a big learning curve.

I bring in some packages from Amazon later. So I wipe them down. Then I actually open them and do it all over again for what’s inside. I wash my hands and then remember I have to throw away the packaging so I do that and wash my hands again.

Forgot about the doorknobs so I clean them and wash my hands again. I had some “soft” items that I had ordered from Walmart because I had three gift cards I needed to use. So what to do about those items”

They are sitting on the floor in the dining room so the virus can die. Could wash them I suppose but they’re brand new! I want them to be new when I put them on. Right?

It is just hard to remember to get it all right.

But these are such minor issues compared to what others are going through.


I got to laugh at myself today. And then my husband, who has a wicked dry sense of humor said something so funny I’m still laughing.

First of all the back story:

Starting in the fall, he’s started repainting almost every room in the house. Some of the rooms were just a refresh, same color paint etc. But still……

Then we finished the basement remodel. On to the mudroom, which is where we are now.

Today he finished the trim while I started on the doors. Only six more to go.

He came downstairs as I was cleaning my sewing room and said, “If I see another can of paint, I’m going to have PTSD.” I don’t know why but that made me laugh more than I have in a long time. After I wrote this, I realize it probably doesn’t sound funny to anyone else. I guess you had to be there.

But let me just say, it felt good to laugh at myself today and at his joke.

I sure hope you can find something to laugh about. It helps to make us feel normal.

God bless and stay healthy.

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