abstract blackboard bulb chalk

Here’s a free gift today if it works.

I’m hoping to give you a free gift today. I don’t usually post on a Tuesday but wanted to try this.

Boy, these last couple of weeks are quite something. I decided to redirect my attention from away all the negativity to learning a new skill. I am hoping this works.

abstract blackboard bulb chalk

A time of doubt

I am waiting to get my first content analysis for my book and this waiting is driving me nuts. I have to say, I am nervous about it. What if I get a really bad review? Oh boy, the doubts are overpowering somedays, huh?

I was praying this morning and told God I was really doubting myself. I wish I could tell you I heard an audible voice saying otherwise, but I didn’t. Instead, I know God is allowing me to “grow”. But there are days, I would just as soon stay where I am.

How about you?

It’s kind of funny but we want it both ways, don’t we? Some days we want God to make us to what he wants us to; other days we want him to leave us alone. In other words, we just want it our way.

I hope I’m not the only one.

Back to the free gift

Anyway, I had to do something to take my mind off things so I’m trying to give you a free gift, a ree printable. So here’s the first one. You can find it here.

It’s an original drawing I. I took a picture of and then edited it in an art program.

I’m going to go ahead and post this and if it doesn’t’ work, I apologize and will keep working till I get it right. On my end, everything is working. So here’s the first free gift.

God bless and have a really good day. K?

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