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So why can’t Christians express their views?

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I was never wanted to post anything political or controversial but here I go. I just got off my Facebook page where someone posted “How sad they were that most Christians don’t get this whole “marriage equality” thing. All I can say is that is arrogant beyond belief.

Frankly, I’m sick of it.

Maybe we Christians are getting what we deserve for our fear of expressing our beliefs. How did we ever get so afraid in the first place? How in the world did we get to a place in America where only certain supposed main-stream opinions are tolerated? (Probably called main-stream because those that feel otherwise are damned up somewhere.)

Whatever happened to respecting other people’s views? Respecting someone for their views does not mean you have to agree with them. And what, pray tell, is wrong with having deep religious convictions anyway?

(I will be honest and say that I don’t have controversial conversations with people who can’t intelligently express why they believe they way they do. People who simply believe certain things without ever doing their homework are people I don’t take seriously. That’s just me. (Maybe that makes me an intellectual snob.) I reserve the right to disagree only with those who have done their own homework and aren’t just regurgitating what they hear. That goes for those with religious beliefs as well.) 

People should think a lot more than they do.

Frankly, I’m sad that marriage equality is more important than “views equality”.  O.K. so before you condemn me, maybe you should know my views and if you choose to unsubscribe, so be it.

But first I want you to know that I subscribe to a number of blogs that express views different from mine. In fact, I don’t think I subscribe to any that aren’t quite different from mine. I do it because I like to have my thinking challenged.

These bloggers feel the way they do based on their deeply held convictions. I’m not afraid of losing my Christianity because I expose myself to different viewpoints. I can learn from those who think differently from me.

But can you learn from me?

Am I homophobic? Not at all. I had a number of gay friends growing up. My friend’s neighbors are gay and I never fail to engage them in conversation when I see them out and about. They have been great neighbors to my friend and I treat them as I would anyone else. Why wouldn’t I?

Do I agree with marriage equality? No. I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.  My beliefs come from my study of Scriptures as well as other sources. I’ve listened and sincerely thought through what others are saying and my convictions remain what they are. They are deeply held. I don’t apologize for them.

This post is about the chasm between liberals and conservatives and why there doesn’t really have to be one.  Televisions commentators, on both sides of the political spectrum, don’t help any. They all add fuel to the fire. I watch some of these shows because I want to know what the thinking is on both sides.

I guess if I wanted to leave my followers with anything today it’s just this:

Listen, really listen, to other people’s opinions. If those opinions reference religion, don’t go shutting down your mind.

I’ve had conversations with many who don’t share my beliefs. I don’t think it makes them evil. If someone says, “I don’t agree”, does that mean it’s the end of the conversation? And if so, why? I’m a stronger Christian today than I was even a year ago because I’m not afraid to question and challenge my faith.

Certainly, there are times we walk away from conversations that are getting too heated and where we’re merely circling the wagons-of-our-own-beliefs. When the conversation isn’t going anywhere, maybe we should!

I’m not even suggesting we become more tolerant, whatever that means anymore. (Tolerance has come to mean agreement by many. It’s a much over-worn word and concept.)

I will never become tolerant of any belief that brings harms to another person. In the case of gay marriage, I don’t believe anyone is harmed and my marriage is not threatened by theirs.

If our opinions are well-thought out, we don’t have to abdicate them just because someone disagrees with us. Even if a lot of someones disagrees with us. Just at least be willing to listen to the views that run counter to yours.

O.K. Now do I post this or not?