walk to beach 2017

Another dark day in Michigan but it’s sunny inside

Now begins the dark days of winter, at least where I live here in Michigan. Because I’m like a block from the lake, our weather patterns are pretty screwing.

But Sunday, it was sunny, and warm (40, that’s warm here) so my husband and I walked in our state park. It’s situated on Lake Michigan and there are many paths to the beach. There isn’t enough snow now to impede our progress, or should I say mine? I’m the one with the feet and back problems.

But I was thrilled because I was able to walkover an hour. Here are some pictures of our beautiful lakeshore.

walk to beach 2017There are paved roads we could have walked on, but who wants to take the “path always traveled”? Look at the sparkling clearness of this stream.

walk to beach 2017

walk to beach 2017

Below is one of the paths to the beach. To the left at the far end of the picture is the path to the beach.

walk to beach 2017

Lake Michigan. I am fortunate to live so close.


walk on the beach/2017

This is on the way back. Do you notice something? Our footprints are gone. A good reminder to leave footprints for my loved ones that will forever remain.

walk to beach 2017

footprints-in-the-sand-3(Believe it or not, there are many versions of this poem. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.  Another author I came across fairly consistently was Leona Davis, so I include her name here just in case.)

And this is my beach “selfie”. Is that God shining on me?

me on the beach/2017

What a great way to start the New Year. And now what a great memory to look back on when the days are “dark”.

Do I need to explain the obvious connection between the above statement and life in general?

Make good memories, my friends. They will be your strength for the future.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.