It’s All Good. Really?

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It’s All Good

For many Melt Down Mondays, I will be focusing on jargon I hear all the time that drive me nuts. Today is one such Monday.

I hear this sentence being used a lot. I keep trying to figure out what people mean when they this. I mean I get it when it’s used to describe a situation that really is all good. That makes sense. But that’s not when people use it.

Instead they are usually referring to a bad situation that they wish were better and they’re trying to convince themselves it is. Why not just say, “We’ll figure it out”, “I wish it were different”; “I wish it had turned out better”. Just not, “It’s ALL good.”

I have a problem with anyone not articulating themselves better. And for me that’s what this boils down to. I’m all for saying what we mean and not resorting to a cookie-cutter explanation that says nothing.

So that’s it for today. (By the way, I’ve never, ever used this jargon and never will. I like to think my command of the English language is more extensive than that.)