It’s All Good. Really?

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It’s All Good

For many Melt Down Mondays, I will be focusing on jargon I hear all the time that drive me nuts. Today is one such Monday.

I hear this sentence being used a lot. I keep trying to figure out what people mean when they this. I mean I get it when it’s used to describe a situation that really is all good. That makes sense. But that’s not when people use it.

Instead they are usually referring to a bad situation that they wish were better and they’re trying to convince themselves it is. Why not just say, “We’ll figure it out”, “I wish it were different”; “I wish it had turned out better”. Just not, “It’s ALL good.”

I have a problem with anyone not articulating themselves better. And for me that’s what this boils down to. I’m all for saying what we mean and not resorting to a cookie-cutter explanation that says nothing.

So that’s it for today. (By the way, I’ve never, ever used this jargon and never will. I like to think my command of the English language is more extensive than that.)

4 thoughts on “It’s All Good. Really?”

  1. Hey Rhonda,

    Thanks for the comment. I, too, am a realist. I’m truly an optimist as well but a realistic optimist. Hmm, does that make sense? Tha’ts interesting about your friend John and how you didn’t like each other at one point but now do. Isn’t it strange how things happen sometimes. Anyway, thanks again and God bless.


  2. I so know what you mean, certain jargon drives me nuts as I’m such a realist. This one, “It’s all good,” reminds me of my cousin, John (married to my best friend/blood cousin)- he says it a lot but since he’s been a rock to me for so many years, the clique phrase we love to hate actually comforts me when John says it. It helps that he’s a devout Christ-follower and we didn’t always like each other much until both of our hearts were softened. So, consider the source, I suppose because anyone else but John would sound foolish to me- faith and respect change everything.

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