Ok. Now, this is no fun. What is “no fun” you ask?

This viral thingee is no fun.

I’m up for a few hours and do some things while I have the energy. Then I nap.

I wake up feeling groggy and still tired.

So-o-o-o my doctor’s nurse called today to reschedule an upcoming appointment. I asked her about my “sleeping sickness” and she said that, “Yes, there is a virus going around and for many people, the only symptom is extreme fatigue”,

So at least I know that.

I have managed to get the Christmas decorations down and most of them packed away. I don’t have a choice. We have electricians coming in next week to revamp our basement wiring. And then we’re having a new ceiling installed so everything has to be out of that room and stored somewhere else.

I had so much I wanted to read and think about this week. I had so many ideas in my head just waiting to end up in print. Now, I’m so tired, I can’t even think.

  • Love
  • Peace
  • Edit
  • Contribute
  • Peace
  • Focus
  • Intention
  • Deliberate
  • Peace
  • Create
  • Encourage
  • Pause
  • Forgive
  • Develop
  • Examine
  • Give
  • Accomplish
  • Give

Are there things you want to change this year?

Are there things you want to add?

Things you want to give up?

I’ve stated often that I truly believe that:

That the only life worth living is the examined life.

(Hey, that was pretty fancy, huh? Just figured it out. I mean if I don’t accomplish something new today, I will start feeling sorry for myself.)

Maybe this whole “examining’ think is not your thing. But at least think about this past year.

Would you like anything different for this next year? If you’ve answered that question, “Yes,” than just thinking about it isn’t enough. You have to do something about it.

I hope this year is really good for you. For myself, I’m excited about the changes.

God bless each of you.