Palm Sunday holds a lesson

I am thinking today of Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem on this Palm Sunday.

He was applauded, cheered. He was treated as a hero.

And yet….

Within a week, all that had changed. Some of those people along that road hated Jesus. They were probably just there to see why everyone was cheering.

I bring this up today because I think it’s important to understand that we may be cheered today but it may all change tomorrow. People can be fickle.

Perhaps you’ve had someone turn on you. You were friends and then you weren’t. You never knew what happened.

The good news today is that Jesus never changes. He’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He never cheers us on one day and ignore us the next. He never abandons us.

The same Jesus who rode triumphantly into Jerusalem, who died a week later still lives. His message was constant, consistent, and caring.

I find such comfort knowing there is someone permanent in my life. Someone who will always be there. Someone who will never change. Someone who will comfort me when I’m sad and depressed.

it was a triumphant day today. Make yours triumphant as well by determining to never let the onslaughts of life separate you from that love.

God bless and have a wonderful Palm Sunday.

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