What IS “Victoria’s Secret” anyway?

Have you ever wondered what Victoria’s secret is?


I mean she must have one, right?

Psst. I think I know.

Actually, I think you know, too. You just don’t want to admit it.  What prompted this discussion is that I just saw a Victoria’s Secret commercial and it got me to thinking. Here it is:

Victoria’s secret has figured out a marketing strategy to entice women to buy underwear, all one-eighth yard of it, at an obscene price.

If women have the money and want to spend it that way, that’s certainly a woman’s choice.  But I just don’t get it. I really don’t.  I resent even paying $5.00 for a pair of “undies”.  And bras, they’re ridiculous.  Even inexpensive ones are expensive.  Of course, I realize larger busted women probably do need to pay more and I get that.

I think my hesitancy to spend so much on underwear is because I managed a clothing store for a few years. If you knew the mark-up on clothes you would wait until everything got marked down to at least eighty percent off! The mark-up is that high.

That’s why stores can promote big sales at so-called huge reductions, they’re still making a profit.  Of course, the problem with waiting for the mark-down is that your coveted article may be long gone before it is reduced enough to tempt you. I’ve learned that one the hard way at times. So if it’s an item I really need, I have been known to splurge.

I like being a thrift shopper. I like getting compliments on what I put together and then get to say I bought it all at a thrift shop. “You’re kidding”, is a response I get often. When I do shop department stores, I always head to the sales racks first.

It’s that mark-up thing I just can’t get past.

Running a retail clothing store has ruined me because now I know The Secret.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.