Have you ever wanted someone to be sick?

I realize that title is strange. I’m going to tell you why in just a moment.

The post I have written for today will still publish at 11:00 and if you’re having any relationship difficulty, I hope you read it.

But this is a quick post because I’m asking you to pray and if you don’t pray, to at least think of me today.

My brother and I are very close to having no choice but to move my mother to an Assisted Living facility.

HOWEVER, we learned last night that there is a good chance that the reason for behavior might be a UTI, (urinary tract infection). That would account for a great deal and is totally “fixable” with medication.

So now do you know why I hope she’s sick? I’m waiting now for a call back from the doctor so I can get them a urine specimen and get this treated immediately.

Please think of me today.

God bless.