best and worst post-surgery day

(One really great thing about blogging? You have a record of your life, even your surgeries. This originally published April, 2015. So almost two years ago. Can I just say? I’m done. No more. This particular one was rough. 

This little porch is really cool BUT I almost never sit out there. Honestly, I don’t know why. Think it’s because the coffee is downstairs and I have to have my coffee right when I get up. I am thinking about getting another coffee pot and setting it out there the summer. It would be so cool for my husband and I have to have that first cup out there. Anyway, here’s that post.) 

This is the best day since surgery. It’s also the worst day since surgery.

It’s the best because I’m in no pain. It’s the worse because I’m feeling good and want to be doing something, anything.

I’ve been reviewing some of my DIY posts to encourage me. I came across this one which highlights my pallet projects from last summer.

My favorite project of all. I had planned on painting more jars while I’m “re-cooping”, but I ran out of time to get everything together.

As I look around my bedroom, I see my handiwork everywhere. From my mirrored wall to my chalk painted furniture, to my painted lamps, shades and all, to my original art. I love knowing I created it all. Makes me excited to get this recovery out of the way.

I have so-o-o-o-o-many projects planned.

Right now I’m sitting on my little porch outside our second floor bedroom. It’s not decorated for summer yet but will be. Got some great ideas while I was sitting here.

porch off second floor bedroom/diy
porch off second floor bedroom

I’m thinking how much I love it out here and how I don’t use it nearly as much as I should. I love this little bench I re-painted last year. My dad made it for me years ago. It’s one of my favorite pieces and I always think of him when I look at it. It’s roughly made. Nothing is symmetrical. Just like him.

I know you’ve seen it before but I wanted to show you again.

Bench my dad made that I've repainted.
DIY, bench

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

ps. I have my first post op visit today. Keep your fingers crossed.