a mundane day

mundane day

Most of us think we’re supposed to feel happy every day. Of course we should anticipate good things, but haven’t we all had days when no matter how much we hope for good, bad still happened?  I’m not talking about crisis’s.  That’s a whole different thing. I’m talking about the comments that hurt us, the sour faces we run into (including our own), the projects that don’t turn out the way we want and the schedule that starts off slow and completely fizzles by the end of the day. That kind of a day.

Those kind of days are neither good nor bad. They’re just kind of “there”.  I have to work hard to enjoy mundane days. I like to be productive. I like to look back over my day and not feel like I wasted it doing mundane things. But I’m learning to appreciate the mundane.  Drama-free, I’m learning, is a very good thing.

If you’re prone to depression though, these are the kinds of days to watch out for.  When you’re feeling good emotionally, you can handle days like this but if you’re battling a low mood, these kind of days can prove to be a trigger for worse days.

Here’s what I do.  While I want “good” days (you can define what that is for you), I have to remind myself that some days are just “days”-ordinary days.  I try to redeem those kind of days by doing small tasks where I can experience some completion and some success. It might just be cleaning a closest or straightening up a room.  It might be a phone call or reading something I’ve been putting off.  Whatever it is, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and seems to break my cycle of constant evaluating how my day is going.

So far today, remind yourself, “It’s a day.  I don’t have to judge it or evaluate it. I can just live it.” By the way, have a good one. God bless.