We need to really connect now and laugh more than ever

This morning, I called some friends.

I CALLED some friends. I didn’t text. I didn’t e-mail I CALLED.

There is such a need for this personal connection. Texting shouldn’t be the only means of communication between family and friends. We need to hear the voices of the people that mean the most to us.

One of my friends asked, “Do you think we there will be garage sales this spring”.

“Sure”, I said. “And I see no reason we can’t go. I mean, we can easily move away from people.”

But then I got to thinking about it. How would that work exactly?

I mean you’d have to wear plastic gloves, first of all. That isn’t going to work because who will be able to buy them anyway.

So let’s say you don’t wear gloves? Well, you’re touching things that you don’t know are harboring the virus or not. So there’s that.

Then, let’s say you are able to buy something. You’re going to have to figure out how to get it home. You’d have to have a disposable bag to put it in. You wouldn’t want to put in your car otherwise.

And, then, of course, you’re going to have to clean it somehow when you get home.

Other friends and I are laughing at how we’re each handling the stress and what we’re doing to avoid any hospital visit other than the virus. Like my husband reminding me to tie my shoes as I have a habit walking around with them untied.

One friend, who is recovering from surgery, did something yesterday and she felt a twinge. She immediately thought, “Oh, no. What if I messed something up and have to go the hospital?” We laughed and I shared my “tying shoes” shoes story and we laughed over that.

I went to a friend’s house yesterday. She had a craft project for me to look at and add a little something to. So I wore my gloves. When I got ready to leave, she waved from the window. We laughed about that.

Obviously, the laughter is because we feeling the stress, not because we think anything is funny.

It’s going to be complicated. So, for right now, I’m reconsidering what I told her. I don’t see life being less complicated for a number of weeks now. It is my personal opinion this is going to last longer than we thought.

As I talked with my friends today, they are all saying the same thing. And, I might add, these are all godly women who follow Christ daily. They, too, are nervous and somewhat afraid. They are not afraid to admit to having some tough days already and in our area we have over another week to go. Although, as I said, I think it will be longer.

Some of us have started decorating and remodeling projects. Another friends is trying out new recipes. My neighbor is baking.

For me, I’m baking, cleaning, painting doors, organizing my sewing/craft supply room, painting pictures, writing, blogging, “pinning” and so on. I have lots I like to do and much I need to do, and much I haven’t done that is begging my attention.

So far right now, like you, I am keeping on keeping on. I’m reviewing a lot of my old posts, mostly DIY ones, so I can post some projects to keep our mind off all of this.

Let’s watch some funny movies, read a funny book, laugh at our confusion.

God bless and please follow the CDC guidelines.

PS. The statistics are now out there from Dr. Birx as of today. Men are twice as likely as women to die from this virus across all age groups. This is important information.