when life throws a curve ball

How a quiet Sunday became a call to action

You never know when you get up in the morning when life is going to throw you a curve ball.

Like yesterday. A normal, nice quiet Sunday……..

until I called one of my close friends.

And then my quiet Sunday became a call to action.

I knew instantly something was very, very wrong. I’d never heard her sound so weak and sick.

I felt I needed to call emergency services but she insisted I shouldn’t do that. We hung up with the understanding that I would call her again soon to see how she was doing.

After I hung up, I knew that wasn’t good enough. Her daughters live six hours away. Two sons live in town but one was in Germany and the other one is recovering from a severe motorcycle accident and I hesitated to call him. I knew I had to get in to see her to better assess the situation before I decided what needed to be done next.

My granddaughter was over for the day and she was on board about “breaking in”. My husband said he would go with us.

My husband broke into the door leading to the garage with a credit card. (it’s scary  how easy that was) but we couldn’t break into the door to the house. We tried bobby pins, paper clips, wire hangers, etc.

I called my friend from her own garage and told her we were trying to break in but couldn’t. I heard her faintly whisper that I should go get her son, but she wasn’t sure he had a key.

He wasn’t home but through a series of phone calls to her daughter we connected. He came over right away and he did have a key so we got in the next door. And then there was yet another door, the one into the kitchen.

It was one of those doors that requires some sort of “key” that is just round and you poke it in and it’s supposed to open.

Of course, it didn’t.

So her son grabbed a hammer (I personally believe a hammer is the best tool for just about everything. My husband disagrees.) and pounded the handle until it finally broke.

To say my friend was sick was an understatement.  I’ve seldom seen someone so sick. She couldn’t move because her dizziness made her violently ill. Although I’m not a nurse, I knew the questions to ask that might suggest a heart attack or stroke.

She didn’t have any of those symptoms. She has had this problem in the past and because she was adamant about not calling emergency services. I left that decision to her son who decided not to call anyone.

I found out she still had a prescription for her dizziness so we gave her  a pill.

So what’s the point of this story and why am I sharing it with you?

It’s simple. If you’re a Christian and you believe God is always leading, you pay attention to that “still, small voice.”

I don’t know what would’ve happened had I not called her. My friend is really stubborn. I don’t think she would have called anyone and she would have laid there unable to move, etc., get anything to drink, make it to the bathroom. The situation would only have deteriorated.

This is why we pray and study our Bible every day if we’re serious about our faith. Because it’s when we aren’t reading and praying that the real work of our faith comes into play.

The disciplines of our faith are what equips us for the action needed to live our faith.

God's leading
God’s leading

I had no opportunity to sit down and pray, or check my Bible for what to do next. I had no doubt though that I was doing exactly the right thing. I had the assurance that only comes from knowing how God works and recognizing his voice when I hear it.

Continue to pray and study your bible so that when you are given a call to action, you recognize it and you immediately follow it. You never know when your life will be interrupted.

God bless and have a good day.