What a week. Big storm. Trees down. God is good.

That’s some title, isn’t it?

But it says it all.

OK, so here’s the backstory.

Last Sunday a storm came through our area. Of course, it missed almost everyone else. We had one tree from a neighbor’s yard come down in our yard.

Then we had probably the tallest tree around come down right in front of our house. As it fell, it took out a few more. Then a huge branch fell off another big tree right in front of our house as well.

Can you tell how tall this Maple was? The “bucket” was as high as it could go. They used a crane to hoist the cut portion and move them to a spot where they could be cut. It’s quite something to watch.

The tree that was taken down that was about to fall down was to the right of this tree and even taller.

We got ahold of a tree service. They came out on Tuesday. They even said it was the worst mess around.

Aren’t we lucky?

But what I didn’t tell you is that the tallest tree that came down pushed against another very tall tree that was already leaning towards our neighbor’s house. We noticed that it’s roots were coming to the surface and the only reason it was still standing was because the fallen tree was laying right on the exposed roots holding them in the ground.

Then we noticed the maple tree that lost the huge branch looked rotten and it was split. Uh, oh, we thought. This one would demolish our house if it came down. So now there are two homes in danger.

The tree service man saw the two trees and he, too, thought it was a very dangerous situation. He went home to give us an estimate and called with twenty minutes to say he had already rescheduled some jobs because our job took priorty.

They came yesterday and took the trees down.

You tell, me what are the chances of that happening? I’d say pretty slim. But God was watching out for us and prompted the tree service manager to make that call. I should add I had connected with my Bible study group and asked them to pray. We had been praying, too.

We knew the next even moderately strong wind could prove disastrous for both us and our neighbor.

The total clean-up will take place this fall. Only the branches of the one tree they took down were removed. The whole point was to just get the tree down so it wouldn’t fall down. There were a number of trees that have yet to be taken down as they were severely damaged as well.

The tree in the background is the one that came down in the storm. You can see how it demolished some other trees. Oh, by the way, this is right in front of our sunroom. Right where you can see it.

After the trees were gone, I was a little sad. They were such old trees. Probably over a hundred years, maybe even older than this house which is at least a hundred and thirteen years old.

We have a lot more open space now and that presents a challenge. What to do with it?

But I’m reminded that sometimes we can’t move on until we let some things go. It’s time to move on. It’s time to rethink landscaping etc. This gives me an opportunity, however unexpected.

God was in this for sure. So I have to believe he will continue to be in this.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.

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