What kind or organizer are you? I’m unique.

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What kind of organizer are you?

I’m kind of all over the place. I liked the idea of having all “like” things together, particularly pens, paper, and all artist’s supplies. So I tried that.

But if I was in one room and needed paper and pencil I would have to go to the designated spot to get them. That was way too much effort.

Than I went through the phase of putting those supplies wherever I might need them. Well, that prove too messy.

Same way with books.

So I’ve compromised. I now have paper and pencils in the rooms where I find myself most needing them. But I did manage to get all the extra stock of pencils, pens, and paper together in a desk.


I have a great system for them. They stay wherever I’ve left them and I’m good with that.

I think it’s great when people see books lying around my home. In fact, when I’m at other people’s homes, if I don’t seem books, I wonder if they even read. People who are bookaholics always have books lying around.

We all have to decide how to organize in our own way, with whatever works for us. And remember, some people are so into organizing , they never get anything done!

Organizing is just like every other area of life. It doesn’t matter how many other people it works for, if it doesn’t work for you, your family, and the way you love, ditch it

I’ll share my Bullet Journaling experience later this week that proves my point.

However, there are some things we store and organize that will never fit any prescribed formula. Like my artist’s supplies.

There is just too much of it.

Paints are messy. I use lots of different painting tools (usually whatever is closest) and they take up room. Plus, this is an old house and unlike a lot of old houses I have virtually one small closet on the main floor for coats and that’s it.


A lot of what I store, I store under the chairs and sofas and in baskets.

It’s always such a fun surprise when I thoroughly clean under the sofas and find “new” things stores there.

Before you conclude my house is a mess, it’s not at all. Unless I’m in the middle of a project, anyone can pop in anytime and think I’ve just cleaned. I’m really good at hiding things!

With spring coming, we get the urge to organize, etc. put away the old so we can bring out the new.

Yes, read all those blogs and siphon through what will really work for you, not just today but throughout the year.

I do have one great tip though. Assuming you already have storage bins and such, do NOT go out and buy more thinking that will make you more organized.

It won’t.

It will only mean mean you now have more places to store more things, which means you will buy more things. I have managed to eliminate four big storage bins and emptied out countless smaller bins by just really thinking through what I’m saving.

Think of it this way. You are not organizing your “things”, you are organizing your life. Unless you want to organize by the trial and error method like I did with the paper and pencils, try to get it right the first time.

And finally, whatever method you use this depends on the size of your house, number of closets, how many are living in your house and your lifestyle.

Don’t be afraid to be unique and if storing things under the furniture is your only choice, go for it. Who’s going to look under your furniture anyway?

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