Alphabet of thanks, “X”

Yellow green
Yellow green (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am choosing xanthochroism. To say I had limited choices with the letter “X” is redundant. Of course, I could have cheated and used “XOXO” but that would be, hmmm, well, cheating.

So what is xanthochroism?  It is the abnormal coloration of feathers in which yellow replaces the normal color, as in certain parrots. It is commonly due to lack of the dark pigment with which yellow forms green.

Yellow-green is my very favorite color. I am thankful that the color exists. It is the accent color I have in most rooms in my house. If I were brave enough I would paint an entire room that color. But alas, I’m a coward. There isn’t much more to say about my choice today except to say that yellow-green looks great with a seafoamy blue-green. It’s a beautiful combination. I’ve decorated our little bunkhouse in this color combination.

It is stunning when paired with red for Christmas. I just purchased some bottle trees in this color. I’ve been taking out my Christmas decorations and I can certainly tell it’s my favorite color.

That’s all I’ve got.  It is “X” after all.