How God interruptions are always well-timed.

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God’s interruptions are always well-timed. Here’s an example of how.

One day last year I had a few small things I wanted to check off my list after I go home from church.

Just those little nagging things I’ve been wanting to get to. You know the kind. You keep putting them off because they are so small.

The interrupted plans

multicolored stationery arranged on table

After I completeld those, I was hoping to have my decorating friend/ confidant over in the afternoon to see how our tiny bathroom redo (mostly just paint and my great shiplap wall) was coming along.

I managed to get the one errand done I needed to get done when my son and granddaughter unexpectantly came into town (they live about forty minutes away) We went out for coffee at Barnes and Noble. My husband joined us after he’d finished snowshoeing.

Anyway, while we were having coffee, it was discovered my phone wasn’t working properly because they had sent me a message earlier that I had missed. So when I was checking that out, I realized I had also missed some e-mails. As it turned out, one was really important. It was from one of my oldest friends and the news was not good. It had been sent Thursday and I had not seen it.

I would have been so upset not to have known what was happening with her and her husband. Without my son’s unexpected visit, I might not have known how much they needed prayer. God’s interruption that day was certainly well-timed.

So after I came home and because I hadn’t taken my walk yet, I decided to make it a prayer walk. I’ve been wanting to read this book about the subject.

What God says about our plans

God has a lot to say about our plans and his interruptions. On the one hand, God tells us to make plans as witnessed by his dozens of battle plans given to leaders in the OT. Paradoxically, He seems to suggest elsewhere that we shouldn’t.

13 Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? 

Two concepts that seem paradoxical to each other can both be true.

Firstly, God is simply saying to make plans while

Secondly, remember that he may choose to redirect us at any time. Therefore, the point is to be able to recognize God’s voice and then to change course as needed.

How I prayed

As I walked, I started praying by asking God to heal them both. I prayed for wise doctors and nurses and prayed his fever would come down and her a-fib would go away.

Furthermore, I prayed for the right medicine, for the right medical approaches to take. Sometimes I just said their names. Other times, I prayed scripture verses. Sometimes I reminded God of His promises. I walked forty minutes and I prayed forty minutes.

I love it when God interrupts my day and it’s so obvious why.

And another interesting tidbit……Guess what the sermon was that morning?


I mean, can it get anymore obvious than that?

God bless and have a great day.

Ps. I will get back on schedule with the prayer 101 series later this week.