words matter

Do our words matter, even ten or so past years later?

I’m not going to reinvent the wheel today.

I’m not going to bring up the political events of last week.

I’m not going to mention last night’s presidential debate.

I don’t have to. It’s all anyone is talking about today.

But what I am going to do is list some posts I”ve written in the past about our word choice and why they matter.


Everything I’ve written has certainly proven to be true. So here they are:





No matter what side of the political aisle you sit, words matter.  Period. What we speak today can come back to haunt us tomorrow. Words have been the downfall of many throughout history. There are consequences.

Make sure your words speak to who you really are. If they don’t, then why are you using them in the first place?Be a genuine person full of integrity.

Let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no”. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth but speak it kindly and honestly. We always have a choice about which words we use.

There is a deluge of verses about “words’ throughout the Bible, perhaps more than any other subject.

So make wise word choice today.

words matter

God bless and I hope you have a good day.