negativity, a self-fulfilling prophecy


We can make ourselves and our mood miserable in any given moment by focusing on what’s wrong with a situation or a person. If we could focus on the right thing we’d feel so much better.

But you say, “Right, but what if there isn’t anything good?” That’s rarely the case. In almost every situation there is plenty of both. The truth is we choose to focus on what’s wrong.

But that doesn’t do any good. What does it do other than reinforce our negativity? But it seems it’s necessary for some people. It’s almost as if they want to be miserable because it supports their general worldview that life is awful and then you die.

Why do we do that? Why would anyone do that?

Yet they do.

We do.

Even though my world view is quite positive, I, too,  have to pay close attention to myself as I have this same tendency. Especially when I’m tired. Try to see the full spectrum and nuances of the next situation or person that you encounter who triggers a negative response in you. Try to find some good in the situation, or in the person and then focus on that.  Almost nothing or anyone is all bad or all good.

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you know that I take issue with what I call “Pollyanna positivism”. I never urge my readers to ignore the reality of a situation. But there is a difference between ignoring reality and focusing on the positive. I would even suggest that it is by focusing on the good that we can face the reality. The good doesn’t seem to cloud our views as much as negativity does.

Anyway, I guess I chose to write this today because I’m having to do this myself now. And I find that it is working.

God bless and I hope  you have a good day.