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When God takes care of the day

My mother in law’s funeral was last Friday.

I think I told you that my husband’s family is Catholic. He is not. He had left those beliefs long before I met him, although no one really knew it. We were pressed to be married in the Catholic church and because we were young, we gave in. We would love to repeat our vows in a  ceremony reflects our present faith.

Anyway, we were concerned about how his family would react when we didn’t take part in many of the rituals. There have been things said in the past but no one said anything. Maybe that’s because we are very assured in our faith and others can sense that. Or maybe it’s because they’ve “mellowed”. My mother-in-law, however, and the most “Catholic” of all, never had a problem. She saw how my husband lived out his faith by always respecting hers.

The ceremony was beautiful and my mother-in-law would have been very pleased. Attendees were pleasant and well-mannered.

It’s nice when God steps in and honors our prayer and just takes care of the day in the way only He can. It was peaceful. It was convivial.

I am constantly amazed by how, if we stay true to God’s word if we let HIm take over, how he surpasses what we can even imagine.

If a funeral can be considered successful, this one can be.

What has God taken care of for you lately?

Something you wouldn’t have expected.

Something beyond what you can imagine.

I hope you don’t have to look past even one day.

God bless and have a good day.

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