good news and bad news

Hi everyone.

I was so excited to share with you today about how my church was supporting my blog. They weren’t including the blog’s link as that would mean they would have to monitor it which neither of us wanted. What I am doing is writing for our church newsletter every month with a link to my e-mail ( I created a special e-mail address that didn’t include my name.) Inquirers were directed to that e-mail address and then I would direct them to the blog.I really like how I set it up.

google images
google images

…… this morning I was thrilled to find four inquiries already. A couple of them wondered why my name wasn’t included and I replied that I wanted them to feel comfortable at church and not worry about me recognizing them or mentioning their e-mail inquiries. Plus, I didn’t want to be inundated with unwanted attention. For all my seemingly extroverted tendencies, I am a very private person.

Then I opened the e-mail to my regular account and “OH, NO!!!!!”  Someone at my church sent out a correction to our church newsletter saying I hadn’t been given credit for writing the article and so they wanted to make sure I was credited. This was NOT what was agreed to nor what I wanted. Yes, I was upset. And yes, I called the church immediately. It was too late. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, really. (I’m talking myself into that reasoning.) Probably, a lack of communication. Plus, because of how the page was formatted, it looked liked one of our pastor’s had written the article and there were a lot of calls to the church office. .

Here’s the dilemma. Do I figure that God had a distinct hand in this or was it just a colossal mix-up?  Seriously, I’m  not at all sure. Could be I was wrong to want to remain anonymous. If God has other plans, I’m on board. If it was a colossal mix-up, then what the Enemy meant for evil, God can turn into God. We’ll just have to see.

If you’ve read the posts from the last couple of weeks  here and here, you know I’ve had some difficulty with anxiety for the first time in years. So today could have been a real problem. But I’ve decided to shrug it off as not important in the scheme of things. When I look back even a few weeks from now, I will probably have forgotten all about it and maybe by then God will have made His purpose clear. Then again, maybe not. Besides, hubby just back from the doctor. He has the shingles, again. And he’s had the shingles shot!!!!

However, there is some good news. The furnace man just left and my furnace is still running efficiently after twenty-five years. Oops, I just know I shouldn’t have put that in writing. Found out about my mom’s car. A three hundred-dollar repair bill.

Again, these circumstances are temporary and no one died. I don’t say that lightly.