Why I am proud of my “straight” marriage

straight but not narrow

I believe gay marriage is wrong. This is based on my religious beliefs. (I am also aware, of course, that many people do not consider the bible as authoritative for them or they erroneously think the bible doesn’t address it, or more importantly, that Jesus didn’t. But I won’t get into a shouting match with anyone. Read ALL, every word, of Scripture if you don’t believe me. But don’t bother if Scripture isn’t authoritative for you.)

However, I believe the law had to be interpreted in this way. A couple can’t be legally married in one state and not another.It’s a civil matter, not a religious one.I read the fourteenth amendment and the Supreme Court’s majority opinion. I understand the logic even t, while not agreeing with, their decision.

It doesn’t affect me or my marriage in any way. It doesn’t threaten my faith.

The only issue would be if it somehow threatened freedom of religion. And I don’t see that happening either because gay people can be spiritual just like straight people can be non-spiritual. I’d like to think gay persons would defend those rights as well.

I think there are so many more important issues in this world to be upset about: hunger, abuse, depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer, orphans, terrorism, etc.

So let’s, on both sides, quit reacting so much. It seems petty to me no matter what your beliefs. But let me have my beliefs without calling me a “homophobe” and I won’t call you, well, I can’t say because I’ve never called a gay person anything other than gay. I’ve never laughed at a gay person or been rude to one. A gay friend school played an important part in my life at one time.

But I have a right to my beliefs. I have a right to express them. If I don’t have that right, then how can anyone else?

Oh, and  I should be able to state my pride in my straight marriage without receiving any hateful comments. And I don’t have to display a rainbow on my FB page to refer to anything other than the rainbows God created.

So there, I’ve weighed in.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.