Diy/gold thing on white board

How two discarded pieces become one really better one.


I know I’m supposed to be done with the clutter theory. But I was perusing some blogs and I came across this great post which really showed the Konmarie method in action. You will remember that I’m not a huge fan of the Konmarie method but I do like some of it. 

Here’s the link .

I have about five bags of clothes ready for Goodwill myself and I’m just getting started.

All that was just an aside. What I really wanted to show you was a DIY recycling project.)

I bought this gold metal “thingee” at Hobby Lobby a while ago. It was clearanced because a couple of the petals were bent. I think it was about eight dollars. I was able to easily bend them back in shape. But it just never “popper” up on the living room wall because the walls are a taupey color and the gold just doesn’t stand out. Plus, all by itself, it just wasn’t big enough.

I was cleaning under my sofa (which is where I store a lot of things because it’s an old house without a lot of closets) and found this piece. I had used it for years but it has served its purpose. I didn’t throw it away because I have a thing about not throwing away anything that’s wood.  It was really appropriate when my husband was traveling so much. It’s a great saying.

DIY/black plaque

So I painted it white and haphazardly sanded off some of the white paint so the black would show through.

I nailed on the gold piece and voila’!

I think it turned out really good.

Diy/gold thing on white board

Diy/gold thing on white board

Diy/gold thing on white board

Diy/gold thing on white board


I’m still working on the “vignette” for this desk. (I’ll tell you about the big bottles on the right when I complete them. Thinking glue stones around the middle. What do you think?)

I love how it looks now. It’s more of a statement piece and really shows up on the wall.

Diy/gold thing on white board

The roll-top desk you see is a project that will be featured eventually. But I’m actually thinking of redoing some parts of it. I am not happy with the top and the sides. OK with the rest of it. The drawers are really cool.  But again that’s a later post.

Anyway, there are some things you never throw away and a good piece of wood is one them. Remember that if you’re cleaning out today. Here in Michigan on this spring day, we have snow. Quite a bit of snow with more coming. Michiganders are not happy right now. We had a tough winter and it looks like we’re having a tough spring. Oh, well. I’m busy painting a coffee table I”m anxious to show you soon.

God bless and I hope your weather is better than ours.