Relaxation, revival and rediscovering

Up at “teeny tiny red cabin” I was so exhausted from all my hubby and I have been doing. I collapsed on the bed and slept for two hours! Feel like I could fall asleep again and it’s only eight o’clock.

Sat in bunkhouse as it was too “mosquitoey” on the porch. I brought up my painting supplies. We built the bunkhouse as an extra sleeping quarters/art studio, but I didn’t paint at all last summer. This week I’m really excited to take out my brushes and paint again.

Why do we lose sight of who we are and what we are passionate about?
Oh, I remember. It’s a little thing called life. Life is never stagnant, never predictable. So when we get a chance to pursue our passion, we need to take that opportunity and re-connect with our creativity.

I’m really, really tired right now. I’m counting on this week of painting, reading and relaxing to revive myself. When we get home, we will hit the floor running as we need to paint, etc because of the remodeling. And not just at our house.

Here’s some of the little projects I’m working on.