Food Charlatan/Strawberry, cucumber salad

A post you will enjoy if you love home decorating

I usually don’t post on the weekend. But it’s raining and cloudy here in Michigan today. Yesterday, however, was glorious. Sixty-five degrees!

So today I was browsing the “net” and “pinning”. Oh, but first. Went to my first garage sale on Friday and then went back today to buy all the rest of something. You will just have to wait till next week. I spend a total of $5.00.

Anyway, back to my browsing. I have a number of sites I really like and this is one of them. This particular post is very informative.

Stone Gable

And I like this post on de-cluttering. I do the same thing. Containers everywhere.


And then there is this. All about decorating your home with garage sale “finds”. I absolutely do not believe one has to spend a lot of money to make a house beautiful. It’s all about the great things you can find on the roadside, at garage sales, and flea markets and those items you can DIY.

Thistlewood farms

And then, of course, there’s the food. I found “The Food Charlatan” a few months ago and I really recommend her blog.


Food Charlatan/Strawberry, cucumber salad

I mean, really? Bacon AND avocados? Doesn’t get much better than this.

Bacon-Wrapped-Avocados6And then this little winner:

Fried cauliflower patties

Enjoy these sites and God bless each of you.

PS. Is it OK to use their photos from their website? Seriously, I’m wondering. Seeing as I’m not taking credit for them, I assume I’m merely directing traffic back to their blogs. If anyone knows the “rules” regarding this sort of thing, let me know.