coffee and me


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It occurred to me the other day as I  was reading some various blogs that I don’t share much about my every day life. I guess I didn’t think it would be interesting. But then I realized that I found other blogger’s lives interesting-even the mundane. It gave me a better picture of who they are.

That got me to thinking. Gosh, my followers (by the way, thanks for the growing numbers :)) probably think all I do is read my Bible, pray, and blog. I’m so busy most of the time, I actually have to “schedule” the previously mentioned activities. So today I thought I would let you know in real time what my morning is looking like.

First, there’s getting up and watching some news and catching the ever-wrong weather report.

Oops, no, that’s not right. The VERY FIRST THING is the coffee. I have the coffee pot on timer and if for some reason it isn’t ready when I get up, watch out!

The third thing (hope you’re following this) is the devotional time. That means iced coffee. Well, this morning I needed to grind some beans as I needed to get the coffee pot ready for tomorrow. This is always done right after breakfast. I didn’t include breakfast because frankly it’s not a big deal and it doesn’t always happen at the same time each morning.

It was after the “third” thing that I thought, “Oh, this is something I could write about”. This whole obsession I have with the coffee routine. So as I was grinding the beans and getting the iced coffee ready for my devotional time, I took these pictures.

The rest of the day is filled to the brim. Heading to Dicks Sporting Goods to buy a gift card for our son’s birthday today.

Going to JoAnn’s to look at possible stencil for little porch off our bedroom. Thinking I might just spray paint and avoid the whole “sponging” process. If it’s too light or too heavy in spots that will be exactly what I would want it to look like anyway.

Somewhere today I have to make Parker House Rolls for my son. His request and again for his birthday.

I’ll also visit my ninety-year old mom who has the figure of a twenty-year old (I’m not kidding.). Can I just say I’m really glad she’s my mom and can only trust I’ve inherited her youthful figure? On my next post I’ll tell you what’s she’s wanting to buy. You really won’t believe it. She’s amazing.

I’m in the middle of talking to a contractor about some remodeling projects (we’re getting tired of working on this 100+year old house and are actually going to contract out the last few projects). That means deciding on paint colors which I just love doing. No, I’m serious. I love everything connected with paint and color. Ask anyone.

Then there are the numerous, and I do mean numerous DIY projects I have going on all the time. Finishing the “mirror” wall in our bedroom. No, not your tacky mirror wall. Wait for the big reveal. It’s finally coming.

It’s a busy day. My days, like most of yours, are always busy. I like it that way. And as long as you keep the coffee coming, I’m good.

Have a great one.