Mirror, Mirror, I like what I see.


What do I see when I look in my mirror? I see a woman I’ve come to like. Would I like to tweak a couple of things? Sure. But not a major overhaul. I would just like to look more like how I feel-which for most days is about sixteen. 


I don’t feel much older than I did when I was a teen-ager. If it weren’t for my bad feet, I’d easily be able to keep with my inner sixteen year old. I’ve been blessed with good health overall which has certainly helped my attitude. Good health should never be taken for granted.

I think one of the other reasons I like what I see is the time frame in which the question is being posed.  This blog isn’t called “depression’s gift.” for nothing. Were I asked this question ten years ago, I’d probably answer that I hated everything I saw. One of the areas that contributed to my depression was my self-image and I had to come to terms with how I felt about myself. I worked hard at accepting my body (height and weight), my face, my hair, my personality-all of it.

So it is with a great sense of peace that I can say to my mirror-“Hey, you’re o.k, Rebecca.”