teeny tiny red cabin

Thought you might like to see some pictures. I will be writing from this location a lot this summer. I think you will understand why I find so much peace here.

This is the main cabin. It’s only 500 square feet.

Teeny Tiny Red Cabin/anxiety/part two
Teeny Tiny Red Cabin/anxiety/part two

worrying, depression

Teeny Tiny Red Cabin/anxiety/part two
Teeny Tiny Red Cabin/anxiety/part two


Below is the bunk house.

I used my Picasa editing program to make the pictures really great but I can’t get those pictures to download so I’m having to use unedited versions.

As you can see, none of the trees are in leaf yet and none of the plants I planted last year are in bloom. I have Lady’s Mantles planted in front of bunk house along with some grasses. Going to plant much more this summer. Ground is bare around both cabin and bunkhouse as we had to have trees removed for the bunk house to be built. Than we had to have electrical brought to bunk house from cabin so our yard was really torn up.

My friend made the sign for me for Christmas. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Paris often because of my husband’s travel schedule and obscene number of frequent flyer miles. I always knew the bunk house would be named “La Cabinette.”


As I’ve said so often, I’m so grateful to have a place like this to come to. Being here really helps me gain perspective. One verse from Scripture that I love is from Proverbs 3: 5 & 6. (Proverbs is a book in the Christian bible.The bible is divided by books, chapters and verses.) It says:

“Trust in the the Lord with all your heart. Don’t try to figure out everything. Make God first in your life and he will direct your path”. (My paraphrase.)

I find that easy to do at Teeny Tiny Red Cabin.

God bless.