I have a great prayer idea for you today.

A am reading an interesting book, “Praying Upside Down”, by Kelly Odell Stanley. She uses painting as a springboard for her writing, because her father is an artist.

I’ve written in the past how I believe we should pray for strangers, even something as simple as “Bless her, Lord, she appears to be having a bad day”. This is often said when I encounter a rude clerk. It’s the only way I can keep from not saying what is on the tip of my tongue. It’s kind of like a protective prayer for her, not me.

Anyway, Kelly writes about praying for strangers as well but gives some direction so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. She suggests you pick a color and pray for each person you run across who is wearing that color.

I thought that was interesting and just wanted to pass it on.

Nothing else except, oh yea! I’ve always wanted a shiplap wall but it’s too expensive. We have a tiny, and I do mean tiny, downstairs bathroom. Oh, and it’s the only downstairs bathroom, I might add. Anyway, we are going to have the floor replaced in the breezeway and this small bathroom. While I was talking to the contractor about a wall in the bathroom I didn’t like, he asked, “Have you thought of shiplap?”

Are you kidding me?

I exclaimed, “Oh, my gosh, you speak “shiplap”!

So, of course, we had him install shiplap on the biggest wall which at that is only about five feet wide. I love, love, love it. Now, of course, there are other decisions to be made but I’m just loving my wall.

So back to praying. Try this out today.

I’m going to pray for anyone wearing red. I chose red because I figure there won’t be that many people wearing red. Just being honest here.

God bless and if you’re wearing red, I’ve already prayed for you.

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