Is your heart aching?

My heart is aching. How could it not? But I pray because in this case, it is truly all I can do. I tell myself I won’t watch any more news coverage of the Russian War on Ukraine. But I have to. I need those scenes in front of me to keep my prayers on track. I’ve written down some names of those who have been interviewed so I have names I can use.

rain drops/prayer
Raindrops, when they converge together, produce something that no single raindrop can. So are our prayers for Ukraine.

How are some of you praying for Ukraine? Is anyone praying that Putin is removed from the earth? I sure am and I’m in really good company as the imprecatory Psalms do exactly that.

I would love to know how some of you are praying for this disaster.

God knows our aching hearts so whatever your words are, God reads the words filtered through your heart.

This is a fearful time. It is also a time to make sure our relationship with God is as deep and wide as it can be. It is a time to be grateful for our blessings which are so many. It is a time to pray like we never have before. Can we pray for strangers? How?

By making them NOT strangers.

That’s why I watch the news. I need the faces and names. I can pray so much more effectively when I have a name and a face. I don’t like seeing all the destruction but it’s not about my sensitivities.

So let’s pray as we never have before.

God bless and have a good day.

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photo of a boat on a river

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Can emotions rob us of our peace. I say, no. Our emotions have nothing to do with our peace with God. Our peace with God is not based on how we feel.