It’s ok to feel good about looking good

Have you ever been to a function where you spent hours trying to find the right dress?

The right shoes?

It was for a late afternoon wedding so I wanted to dress appropriately.

So let’s start with the shoes. After five foot surgeries, shoe shopping is a nightmare for me. I haven’t worn high-heeled shoes in over fifteen years.


I did find a pair I could wear but albeit very painfully. Hmmm. Why not check online and see what I can find? Of course, who buys shoes online? Right. Well, apparently me. I ordered a pair and voila’, they fit perfectly.

So, one down.


Now the dress.

After buying three dresses, and taking two back, I thought I had found the exact right one. But having had such good luck with the shoes, why not check online? I didn’t want to spend too much and I wanted a dress I could wear again. So……..I ordered two of them. One was almost identical to the one I’d decided on but a little cheaper and I felt more comfortable in it.

black dress

So finally, the right dress and right shoes.

I’ll bet you’re thinking there’s is going to be a funny twist to this story. Like I’m going to tell you about a fashion mishap or something. Like a heel broke or someone spilled something on my dress. Or that I got sick and couldn’t go.


I loved the whole ensemble. The shoes didn’t hurt. The dress looked terrific. I liked the reflection in the mirror.

And I think that’s perfectly OK.

The Proverbs thirty-one woman takes good care of herself. She works hard at looking good. She dresses beautifully. She’s not worried about feeling bad about looking good.  I’ll even bet she liked what she saw in the mirror, too.

Many times I come home from these events feeling as though I’ve dressed all wrong, that everyone else looked better.

Do you?

Not this time. This time it felt really good not to feel bad. 

Usually, I’m pretty confident with how I dress. I’ve always liked fashion and putting outfits together. But since my mom died I’ve kind of lost a little of that. Maybe that’s why the right ensemble was so important.

As Christians, I think that sometimes we feel guilty over frivolous things because they are frivolous. And so when we pay attention to them when there are such horrible things happening every day, we feel guilty.

And yet David danced and Jesus went to dinner parties. And there’s not a hint in scripture that they felt bad about it. And by the way, things were even worse then. 

Maybe the condition of the world is exactly why we need to take a break from all the seriousness.

What about you? Do you sometimes get conflicted between the seriousness of the world and the frivolous nature of other parts of your life?  Actually, I’m glad I am conflicted at times. It keeps me grounded.

We are meant to enjoy life while at the same time never forgetting those in our world who need our prayers and our help.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.