silverware holders

A bargain isn’t always a bargain

So I was in Arkansas last week. I told you why I needed to escape here.

Anyway, I also told you how my cousin and I hit some carport sales. (That’s what they call them in the south.)

Anyway, I found these @ Goodwill and they were half-price and I already had two at home so this way I’d have a full set, so I bought them. Whew! That was one long sentence.

But here’s the thing, after I got them home I thought, “I am never going to use these. What was I thinking?”

I’m on this, “If I can’t use it or it isn’t absolutely gorgeous or I’ve never finished using it in a DIY project, it’s out of here.” (Another run-on sentence. It’s one of those run-on-kind-of-a-days.)

So here’s they are. Do you know what these are? They are silverware holders.

The knife holder holds eight knives. Here’s all three together. Cute, huh? But it’s one more thing to keep in storage until I use them. And, huh, how often is that going to be anyway.

I’m at a place in my life where I only want to have the things around me that I dearly love. And there’s plenty of that, believe me. I want to love what I have and I want to be able to see it. If I’m keeping it hidden away until I use it, what sense does that make?

This coming from an avid collector of many things. And here I am getting ready to head to some garage sales tomorrow. Lord, help me.
silverware holders

God bless and I hope you have a good day.