Encouragement tonight if you need it

I never post at night.

I’ve had a hard, frustrating, and very physically painful day. You’ll read about it tomorrow.

But I thought, I’ll bet I’m not the only one. I’ll bet there are a number of you out there in “blogsville” that have had your own bad day.

It doesn’t matter what the cause, assuming of course, you weren’t the author of your pain. But in a way, I guess we all are to some degree.

Life can be incredibly hard. Even as Christians, we get discouraged, disappointed. We try to be loving, kind, and understanding, but here are days we feel like we’ve been drained of our last vestige of strength.

When I have days like that, I remember that God knows how I feel. His despair over his children is far greater than the angst I felt today. The pain and agony Jesus encountered in the Garden when he was at the end of his own rope, reminds me I can do this.

I know in my heart that God will give me strength for whatever comes my way.

But frankly, today it was hard.

If this has been a long, difficult day for you as well:

I wish you peace for the rest of your evening.


I wish you a good night’s sleep.


I wish you guardian angels to hover over you and keep you safe.

stone angel 2

I wish you a bright morning with great coffee. 


But mostly I wish you a great day tomorrow. God bless.