The snow is falling and I am forgiven

Yep. Snow falling and forgiveness go hand in hand for me.

I’m always reminded of “your sins shall be washed white as snow”. (Isaiah 1:18).

And while my sin is more of the subtle kind these days, (indulgences like overeating, binge TV watching, a critical attitude at times, selfishness, etc.), it’s still called sin. So when I see the falling snow I feel warm and cozy inside knowing this is God’s message to me.

It’s easy to call my “sins” bad habits, or excuse them by saying, “I’m just human, after all!” And yet sin is defined as missing the mark. Anything and everything I do that causes me to “miss the mark”, meaning interrupting the flow of the Holy Spirit in my life, is sin.

And frankly, I like calling them sin because I know exactly what do about sin, the others, I don’t always.

So I ask forgiveness knowing as I do that God’s love is covering up those “sins” just as the snow is covering the ground. And He will never use them against me in the future.

Do you suppose that’s why God sends snow? If so, I’m glad I live in Michigan so I can experience this visual reminder of God’s forgiveness every winter.

What a blessing and a comfort that is to my soul.

God bless and remember to forgive yourself as well.

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