the week in review while heading south

Hi everyone.

We are on our way to some sun-I hope. We haven’t seen a full day of sun since I can’t remember. I don’t even care how warm it is as long as it’s sunny. (Actually, I do care. it had better be warm.)

But I’ll still be posting as God allows me to experience new things, see new places, meet new people, etc.

I’m looking forward to some “space” in my life. Time to be totally unencumbered with any obligations. Time to sit on the beach and listen to the waves. Time to read without having to jump up and do something else. Just time to “breathe”. I feel very blessed that I can do this.

For me, having some “space” in my life is crucial as I am a person of great energy, too many interests and always wanting to learn and do the next thing. So “space” is what keeps my mind refreshed. I create “space” as often as I need to because for me it’s almost a necessity.

That’s what I wrote about Monday.

Tuesday I wrote a sequel.

And because I was on a roll, I wrote some more about it on Wednesday, including another way of looking at it.

Thursday I wrote about my concerns about going on this trip.

For Friday, I