dining room table centerpiece/DIY/spiritual gardening

A Sweet and Simple Spring Vignette and Spiritual Gardening

Sweet and simple vignette

Spiritual gardening is much like regular gardening. They both involve planting, feeding, and weeding. But first let me tell you about this tablescape.

Spring tablescape

I’ve had this tray for years. I had painted it white but not my favorite white which is Heirloom White by Rustoleum. I just never got to repainting it. But then I found a great new Rustoleum spray paint color that I just love.

So I painted over the white with the ultra matt, coastal sage by Rustoleum. Then I spot sprayed with gold metallic spray. I do that a lot. It’s hard to really see the gold but it’s there.

I had the birds and the gold-looking straw-like stuff is a garland I use for Christmas. When I configured it into a circle it looked like a bird’s nest. I was loving it. This tablescape is spring-like and fresh.

dining room table centerpiece/spring decorating

You can see some of the gold on the edge of the platter below.

dining room table centerpiece/DIY/painted tray
dining room table centerpiece/DIY/painted tray
decorating with trays/spiritual gardening

I like how it turned out. It’s sweet and fresh-looking. Just right for spring.

dining room table centerpiece/gardening

Decorating with trays

Trays are one of my favorite pieces to paint and decorate with. My Pinterest Board shows lots of ways to decorate with trays.

Spiritual and regular gardening are similar

I love spring. Do you?

It’s a lot of work but everything is budding and springing up, including weeds! Every year I wait to see what my garden will look like because it never looks the same. New offshoots sprouting up. Flowers showing up because birds have dropped random seeds.

I wonder if God looks at me sometimes and wonder how I am blooming. Am I looking the same or am I growing differently? Am I smelling sweeter? Is my spirit looking beautiful?

Spring gardening

I almost never work in my garden that I don’t find it spiritually enlightening. I think that’s because I feel very close to God in my garden because, well, life started in a garden, didn’t it?

picture of a garden/spiritual weeds

Spiritual gardening

Can’t you just imagine walking in the garden with God? Talking about the flowers and the perfect weather? Maybe even talking about what flowers to plant where. I can’t imagine Adam and Eve turning their backs on that.

Spiritual gardening is a good idea. Let’s look at what is growing good and what needs to be weeded out. It’s all about the reapin’ and the sowin’.

Allow the Holy Spirit to use a searchlight. When the Holy Spirit does the weeding, it’s accurate, it’s painless, and it results in new growth.

Don’t be afraid to ask the Holy Spirit to do what he does best.

God bless and have a good day.