Guarding against self-sacrifice. Why it’s wrong.

We Christians so often think it’s necessary to sacrifice for God, that somehow it makes us holier.

It doesn’t.

And no where does Scripture say it is.

Should GOD call us to give up something, that’s an entirely different story but He will make that very clear as He did with Abraham. (Genesis 22:2)

Abraham did not choose the circumstances of the sacrifice. Not like God did with His son. I believe it was a test and Abraham passed. Would he have continued had God not sent the lamb? Personally, I don’t think that is the question anyway.

There are some who don’t believe this story is real. I do, but I also think there is a lot about this story that never gets discussed. But whether or not you do, the lesson is still the same, trust God.

We should never choose the circumstances of our martyrdom. If God has made our life wonderful, we should be grateful and live like grateful people.

If He has allowed a hardship, we go through it in communion with Him.

Don’t ever think that by giving up something you can feel sanctimonious about it. You can’t because if you decided and not God, it’s all on you anyway.

At the same time, don’t feel apologetic when God has called you to sacrifice something.

I made a decision as a teenager to never drink alcohol. I believe that God was one hundred percent behind that decision. Some people have a hard time with that to this day. (By the way, I am never uncomfortable around people who have a glass of wine with dinner, although they are uncomfortable around me! I truly have no issue with other people’s decision in regards to responsible and occasional drinking of alcohol. I do have a problem with anyone who drinks and drives, even if it’s only one.

However, for health and practical reasons, we certainly make decisions every day to give up something for our health or our well-being that God approves us whether He initiated it or not. While this is not a direct call from God as to self-sacrifice, God certainly approves of us taking care of ourselves in many areas. There’s a lot of plain common sense advice throughout Proverbs, for example, that address every day issues that need our attention.

So while we shouldn’t choose our own sacrifice, we shouldn’t apologize for our restricting certain things for ourselves when God has called us to it.

The whole point is to be sure of God’s direction in our lives.

God bless and have a good day.

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