When God puts you right where you should be

Sometimes, no, all the time, God amazes me with His timing.

I had an occasion a couple of weeks ago to be in the presence of someone when she received some troubling news. I had planned on being over there earlier but circumstances were such that I was running late. So I was there when she received a phone call that would’ve have been hard for me to hear as well.

We’ve haven’t been friends but for a few years but I have so enjoyed getting to know her and feel like we are becoming close. When I got home I thought, “Wow, had I been on time I might have been gone by the time she got that phone call. But I was right where I should be.

I’m not suggesting that running late was a good thing. And I think had I been on time, God would’ve prompted me too stay longer anyway. In fact, I did stay longer than I had intended. I think I had a “God nudge”.

Never, ever underestimate God’s timing. He knows right where we should be at any given moment and IF we are sensitive to His voice, He will make sure we are sure we are should be.

A few days after that, I experienced the same thing again and once again I knew it was God’s leading.

But sometimes God leads us to avoid something or someone. I think of the story of Jesus in the book of John, 7:8-10 when his disciplines encouraged him to atttend a festival. Jesus delays going. I believe that’s because He listened to His Father’s voice. It was not the time for his ministry to be made public which is what might have happened. Sometimes we stay back.

I think sometimes we don’t listen to that “still small voice” because we don’t trust that it’s from God. For the most part, I think that when we are Christians and when we recognize our Shepherd’s voice, we can trust that voice. I know that for myself, I err more in not listening than I do the other way.

But then when things happen like in the above example, I am reminded that I as long as I stay close to God, read His word, and then recognize when His word is consistent with the voice I hear, I can trust it is God.

It’s not always as obvious as a dramatic phone call but when those occasions happen, I am reinforced in my faith.

So don’t be afraid to listen and act.

God bless and have a good day.


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