Let’s start a grass roots movement. Here’ what it’s called.


We say it all the time. “Words matter” is not a new phrase. But we mean the “other” guy, the “other” political party. Not us.

Over a week after the election, I’ve heard nothing but divisive speech.

Liberals might as well say what they mean, “Now, we’re going to get him!”

From the other side, it’s, “Don’t mess with us.”

Likes bullies on a playground. Except it’s a playground we’re all paying for.

I keep looking for that “voice of reason” but I have not heard a one. That “voice” that says, “Let’s put all this behind us and start to work together.”

No party is above reproach. Each party is divisive. So it isn’t going to start from the top down.

It has to start from the bottom up. With us.

If we’d all eliminate angry speech, mean words, wherever and whenever, I think it would trickle up. We talk about grass root movements all the time. And they’ve worked. So why can’t there be a grassroots movement of civility? Why can’t it start with us?

“How?” you ask.

It starts with eliminating harsh and mean words from our vocabulary, not only in regards to people but even to “things.” Don’t call an object “stupid”, “moronic”, etc. When we make those words commonplace, they become a part of our speech pattern and will pop up in all kinds of ways. Let’s make those words as obsolete from our vocabulary as we can.

harsh words/inspirational

I’m guilty, too. And I find when I use harsh words,  even such as “You can’t cure stupid”, it becomes harder not to direct those words to people as well, even if I never utter them out loud.

Scripture is clear on this subject. There’s absolutely no contrary argument that can be made. Rather, than inundate you with lots of Bible verses and sound like a “Bible thumper”, just read the book of Proverbs. Yep, the whole book. It won’t take more than thirty minutes.

It also means we don’t tolerate those words from others. When we can (when it’s safe to do so), we refuse to engage in conversations or hang around people who are using “mean” speech. Trust me, people will quit if they don’t have an audience.

We can change but it absolutely will have to start with us. Write to your congressman, your senator. Write to a news station. Ask for more civil language. Walk away from people whose speech is peppered with hate. They’re not good for you anyway.

That old saying is true, “Be the change you want to see.”

God bless and have a great day.


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