me time

Why “me” is a really good word

Remember I said I was going to spend time on me?

me time

I did.

I spent time this past week-end with some of my favorite people. Being around people we love is always good for the soul. but so many times we let life weight us down us with the “have-to’s” never realizing that spending time with people is a “have-to”.

Sure, there are times we have to complete tasks, I mean the house does have to be cleaned at times, people do have jobs, life does require some managing. And we can’t always play. But that we should is also true.

I find that hard, playing, that is.

children playing

It’s never been easy for me to feel carefree. There are reasons.

But reasons are not excuses.

They’re just reasons. But when we know the reason for something, we can change our future thinking and actions. Excuses, on the other hand, are like “buts”, everyone has one. (My hubby’s saying.)

I find playing so difficult but taking on responsibilities so easy. But I know I’m like that so when I hear myself making excuses, I know that’s what I’m doing. And I’m not real fond of anyone who makes excuses, including me.

So for me, I have to intentionally plan on taking some time off and just enjoying life for the sole purpose of my own well-being. Nothing wrong with that. I also enjoy the “tasks” of everyday life. I like “puttering” around, creating something, organizing, lots of things. But these are solitary activities and while we might be perfectly content doing it, and while it’s perfectly OK and even advisable to enjoy a time of solitude, it shouldn’t become a pattern.

We need people and people need us.

So if you’re finding yourself “cocooning” too much, put some of those tasks and responsibilities aside for a day (if you can) and reach out to someone else. It might not be that you need to as much as it is they need someone reaching out to them. Either way, you will both profit.

God bless and I hope you have a good day.